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By downloading and using the AboutManUtd app, you agree to the following Terms of Use:

The AboutManUtd team make reasonable efforts to ensure the data in the app is accurate, but can accept no responsibility for errors or omissions.

The AboutManUtd team intend to update AboutManUtd's data after each official match, and to update the league table each week during the football season. We intend to fill in other historical data as more information is uncovered. However, we do not guarantee to provide any updates at all, and updates may be delayed or may cease entirely at any time.

Privacy Policy

AboutManUtd app doesn't collect data about users and their devices, other than device type (eg iPhone 7) and AMU app and database versions. This it uses to provide AMU data updates to the user, and for statistical purposes.

AboutManUtd never accesses or uses any data that Apple may make available about the user or device, other than device type and iOS version.

AboutManUtd never shares any data with third parties.


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