Version History

The statistical resource for Manchester United Football Club

The current version of the App is 2.0.0


About Man Utd now free from the App Store, but has In-App subscription purchases.


Minor fixes.


Minor fixes, including iOS 9 compatibility.


Minor bug fixes.


A fix for an icon issue in iOS 7.


Full iOS 7 and 8 compatibility.


One minor bug fix.


Goalkeeper details now show clean sheet stats.


A fix for a timezone bug affecting users west of the UK. After installing v1.3.2, tap the Update button on the app home page to ensure your data is up to date.


Compatibility with iOS 7.


New navigation facilities:

  • Player lists can be filtered by manager.
  • Match lists can be sorted by opposition score.
  • For managers, you can see a list of players who played for them, with summary stats.
  • For managers, you can see a list of their seasons, with summary stats (new on iPad).

Performance improvements for long lists (especially matches).


New navigation facilities:

  • On any detail page in the app, right swipe with one finger to return to the top level list. On a top level list, right swipe to return to the Home page.
  • On almost any page in the app, right swipe with two fingers to return to the Home page.
  • When you've gone through a list (eg, of players) to get to a detail page, tap the up/down buttons in the header bar to get to the previous/next item on the list (eg, the previous/next player). (not available on devices running iOS 4)

Opposition team filter for match lists (as well as the search box).
Full screen support for iPhone 5.


Minor improvements.


There are, currently, no known issues with the app.